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Based in Dallas, Texas, we provide our services to companies all around the country.

Usability Analysis

A quick, low-cost review of an existing or planned Web site, application or device. Using information about your targeted audience, we compare the end-user capabilities and intents with the designs to identify existing or potential usability issues.

Usability Testing

Using targeted end-users, we conduct various tests to identify potential obstacles they might encounter.

Low-fidelity testing

Using paper, index cards, tape, wire frames, comps, pens, and markers, we capture important and useful information at a critical point in the development of your interface...before you start coding.

High-fidelity testing

Using either protype or released software and published Web sites, we create a series of tasks for the end-users to perform, capturing their activity in a near-real world situation.  Testing may include quantitative methods, such as time-on-task and completion, or qualitative methods, designed to elicit perceptual and emotional aspects of the application, Web site or device.

Analytic Web Site Design

We have developed a proprietary method for using quantitative and qualitative data to design Web sites.  This method greatly reduces the risks inherent with new designs, and ensures that the site is designed for specific target audiences and their intents. 

Section 508 / Web Accessibility Compliance

Recent legislation and court cases have increased the need for your Web site to be accessible to all end-users.  Making changes to existing sites can be time-consuming and costly.  We work with you to determine what level of compliance best works for your site, and then identify the best way to implement them. 

Usability Coaching

We work with your existing designers and developers to help them understand the value of usability, and how to best integrate it into your existing methodoloy. 

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