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Here you'll find links to sample reports, papers we've written, and sources of usability research.

Here's a Sample Usability Analysis Report (PDF, 115KB).  This should give you an idea as to what we evaluate, and the depth of our analysis.


Links to various usability research sites.

All of our findings are grounded in good scientific research, and are not based upon opinions.  Here are some links to the various resources we use when performing a usability analysis, or designing a usability test.  Some of these require membership, while others may not.
We use the APA databases to find papers on research in the areas of Human Cognition and Perception.
The ACM Digital Library offers many sources of research papers in the area of not only Human Computer Interaction, but also all other aspects of computing.  This site will allow you to search for view the summary of any paper in the library.  Membership is required to download them.  Some may be purchased online.
UPA Publications offers several different sources for learning about usability.
One of the best overall sites regarding Usability is the usability.gov Web site.  Part of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, the site is devoted entirely to usability, and the research that went into their findings.  A wonderful site!

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